Monday, July 29, 2013

The Best Hawaiian Resorts

Dreaming of a great and relaxing vacation in Hawaii? Hawaii is filled with exceptional resorts to meet anyone’s needs.

The Best Hawaiian Resorts
The Four Seasons Manele Bay is located in Lanai City, Hawaii on the top of a red lava cliff overlooking stunning white sand beaches. This is an ocean side luxury resort, with many fabulous amenities. Here the traveler will find an exceptional golf course with 3 cliff side fairway. For the adventurous the resort provides great opportunities, such as stand up paddle boarding and surf lessons. Many find it interesting to take the hula lessons that are offered, this is an ancient Hawaii tradition. Enjoy a romantic couple’s massage for those on a romantic getaway; however, this resort is very family friendly. It offers strollers, baby monitors, a nanny service and so much more.

Four Seasons Hualalai, located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, is an excellent resort with romance and seclusion for those looking to be alone. If the traveler for other things, such as a championship golf course, it can be found here as well as family friendly activities. Enjoy the island fresh dining, white sand beaches, and dazzling oceanfront views with black lava landscapes, fitness facilities, tennis, and the seven swimming areas.

The Hilton Waikoloa is located on the Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Take in the ocean breezes, white sand beaches, protected lagoon and beach along with and unforgettable tropical experience. This resort is on 62 acres, with tranquil waterways, memorable gardens, and a variety of wildlife. This is a once in a lifetime getaway for singles, couples or families. Here one will find a great choice in activities, tennis, golf, 3 swimming pools, an interactive dolphin program and so much more.

The Sheraton Kauai is located in Paipu Beach, Koloa, Hawaii. Staying here is like staying in a tropical paradise. This resort is filled with many different outdoor activities and adventures to suit the needs of their guests. Located on the oceanfront, take the time to enjoy the views of this tropical escape. The family is a welcome guest here along with the singles and couples. The unlimited beach activities are available for all, scuba diving, snorkeling, boogie boarding, beach cabanas, tennis and a fitness center. This recently renovated resort now has two beautiful pools, an ocean pool and a serene garden pool. If one is looking for relaxation try the massage and skin care center. The local attractions and shopping are within walking distance.

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, located in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii. This is a top notch resort offering so many exciting things. It is couples and family friendly with beautiful white sands, and a lush tropical landscape. The amenities include: 3 of Maui’s top rated restaurants, an award winning spa, 3 shopping boutiques, 3 salt water pools, 4 bars, 3 golf courses, 2 tennis courts and many ocean activities. This resort offers a great selection of couples and family activities.

Photograph Tip (The "Rule of Thirds")

The "Rule of Thirds"

Photograph Tip (The "Rule of Thirds")
The rule of thirds is a way of describing where to place focal points in a photograph.

Focal points are the areas of interest in a photograph. If you are taking a portrait, the area of interest is the person's eyes. If you are taking a landscape it could be a tree in the foreground.

Here is a photography tip - do not put the areas of interest in the middle of the photograph.

Photographs work better when the area of interest are placed off center.
How far off center?

There is an old rule of thumb to guide you on this.
Imagine a grid drawn over your photograph that divides it into thirds, like a tic-tac-toe grid.

Now, picture that middle square in the grid. The four corners of that square mark the locations of your areas of interest.
Now move your point of interest away from the center of your photographs and onto the "thirds".

Start to do that and you will be well on the way to mastering this simple, but powerful photographic technique!