Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Best Abdominal Exercises for Women (Bicycle Crunches)

Bicycle Crunches
The Best Abdominal Exercises for Women (Bicycle Crunches)
The bicycle crunch engages your oblique muscles and your upper and lower rectus abdominus muscles. You should do bicycle crunches at least once a week.  Any strain on the neck or back indicates you are working too hard.
 Here's how to do a bicycle crunch:
Lie face up on a mat in a crunch position.
Crunch up and turn your right shoulder toward your left knee.
Lift your left foot off the floor at the same time and bring it forward toward your head.
Also, extend your right leg straight off the mat.
Hold yourself off the mat in this rotated position for 2 seconds.
Lower your upper body back to the mat but keep your legs lifted.
Crunch up again, but twist your left shoulder to your right knee as you bend your right knee and bring it toward your head.
Extend your left leg straight.
Continue alternating until you have done 10 reps per side.
Keep your lower back flat throughout this exercise.

Wedding Cake

Tip: Determining the Price of the Wedding Cake

Most cakes are priced per slice and the lowest price is the standard white cake with butter cream frosting and no fancy add-ons.
Once you get this price, you can go up from there.

Fillings will add a small fee for each slice as will curly-cue flowers and fancy handcrafted fruits, ribbons or bows.

If you go a step further and add pillars with a waterfall, there will also be rental charges tacked on to the wedding cake costs.
Ask about the delivery charge for your cake, but try to negotiate it into the existing price.

Be sure to ask the baker what happens if there is a cake tragedy on the day of your wedding.
Unforeseen problems can occur so ensure they have a backup plan.

When you meet with the baker who will create your wedding cake, determine the size of the cake first and narrow down your list of flavors, fillings and icing.
If you want different flavors on each layer, find out if the baker is willing to do this.